Product description

A powerful compressor suitable for professionals who require high volume airflow for their work; such as spray tanning. Housed in an exquisitely designed, easy to clean, metal case providing effective air circulation, the TC-2000H won’t miss a beat at any work station or in a salon. Conveniently accessorized with a spray gun holder on the case to fit any Sparmax spray guns, the TC-2000H will ensure your workspace remains tidy and organized. Recommended for tanning and use with the DH-810 spray gun.

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
| Moisture trap bleed Valve set
| Spray gun holder
| Auto On/Off 40 psi/60 psi (2.8 / 4.1 bar)

Product detail
40 - 45 lpm
8.6 kgs /18.9 lbs
L29 x W14 x H26 cm


  • Sparmax TC-2000H frontview
  • Sparmax TC-2000H side bridview
  • Sparmax TC-2000H close up shot of moisture trap with bleed valve


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