Product description

With an ergonomic outer case, the highly portable AC-55 compressor provides a steady stream of air and reliable performance; try it out with an airbrush bleed valve to experience the effects of working with different pressures. Coupled with a convenient airbrush holder, the ever-popular AC-55 model is simplistically efficient. 

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor

| 4M PU curly hose

| Equipped with airbrush holder 

| Suitable for general arts, hobby, makeup, nail art, body art & temporary body tattoo

Product detail
12-14 lpm
Preset max pressure
45 psi
2.1 kgs / 4.6 lbs
L17.5 x W11 x H16 cm


  • Sparmax discover AC-55 compressor
  • Sparmax discover AC-55 compressor back view
  • Sparmax discover AC-55 compressor with holder and pressure adjustable valve


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