Product description

With its distinctive protective frame doubling as a practical handle, the AC-500 is an easily recognizable model on the market; rugged in appearance, and highly durable. Featuring a side-mounted 2.5 Liter air tank, this robust compressor set will deliver pulsation-free airflow controlled to your preferred level through an integrated pressure regulator. With an unimposing height and rubber-padded feet, this model can be placed on tabletops or on the floor when in use.

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
| 2.5 Liter Air tank with gauge
| Detachable pressure regulator/moisture filter & gauge set
| Auto On/Off of 40 psi/60 psi

| 2 x 3M braided hose

| Suitable for professional airbrush user doing general or extended airbrush applications

Product detail
23-32 lpm
8 kgs / 17.6 lbs
L29.5 x W29 x H24 cm


  • Sparmax AC-500 compressor showing twin cylinder motor with air tank
  • Sparmax AC-500 compressor front view
  • Sparmax AC-500 showing regulator and gauge set


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