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Product Description

With a powerful built-in exhaust fan and a three-way adjustable pipe, unwanted fumes first go through 2 different types of filters before vented. Work on your projects using our convenient spray booth which includes a rotating central platform that allows for a 360 degree view of your work. Light weight allows users to easily move the booth around.

Equipped with an extra filter set

3 options of installation directions to accommodate individual needs

Pipe length 43cm

Booth size: L52.3 x W40.3 x H31.6 cm

Net Weight: 5.5 kgs / 12 lbs

Airflow: 62 - 68 cfm

Noise Level: 62 dB

Suggested Price: US$249.00

Note: Not intended for use with Hazardous Materials, Flammable or Explosive Paints or Materials

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