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Extended deadline: June 14

Theme "Peace" is optional



Artist: Xavier Gentilleau


We've received valuable feedback about needing more time to prepare for our upcoming competition. Your voices matter to us! That's why we're extending the registration deadline to June 14, 2024.


Also, a quick reminder: the theme "Peace" is optional, not a must. We're excited to see your creativity in full swing, no matter the theme!


For contestants who wish to submit works on the theme of “Peace”: You are encouraged to incorporate the theme of 'Peace' into your works, as submissions aligned with this theme will be awarded bonus points by the judges.

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Sparmax is committed to providing the best airbrushing experience, over the years we have collaborated with some of the top companies, brands, and artists in the world to bring quality, industry-leading products for airbrushing.


In 2016 we started our first Sparmax International Airbrush Competition, offering creator submissions in categories including Fine Art: Realism, Fine Art: Fantasy, Automobile, Hobby/Model, and an additional Junior category in 2022.


In the past few years, we have received thousands of excellent works from more than 30 countries, and have also created a great volume of buzzes on social media.


Most importantly, we saw inspiring ideas, excellent techniques, and touching stories from around the world. We look forward to your unique creations this year, join us.

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Previous outstanding works across 4 categories


Racing into creativity with custom automotive artworks



Crafting miniature marvels with impeccable attention


Capturing intricate details, bringing scenes to life with unparalleled precision


Crafting dreams into vivid spectacles on canvas



Sparkling with innovation, showcasing budding talent

A category dedicated to all the young artists out there!

Applicants must be under age 17 for this category.*


One winner will be selected.

*Participants must be born on or after 5/21/2006


sponsored by:

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Media Interview

SP-20X Airbrush

GP-35 Spray Gun

Sparmax Accessory Assortment*

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SP-20X Airbrush

Sparmax Accessory Assortment*

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SP-20X Airbrush

Sparmax Accessory Assortment*

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Sparmax Beetle Compressor

*Sparmax Accessory Assortment includes: SilverBullet Plus Moisture Trap & Cleaning Pot SCP-700 & Swivel Joint

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How to Join

Entry window: Now until May 20, 2024

1. Participants can submit ONE entry in each category (multiple categories submissions are accepted) 

・Fine Art (Realism)  ・Fine Art (Fantasy)  ・Automotive  ・Hobby/ models ・Junior

2. Please provide your artwork in png, jpg, or pdf format. Images must be at least 300 ppi.

3. You may send different angles of your work if applicable (maximum of 5 photos per artwork).

4. Please DO NOT include your name on the file name. List down "artwork title & category", for example, "Dragon_Fine Art (Fantasy)".

5. Previous Sparmax International Airbrush Competition submissions are not accepted.

6. Artworks can be created on any surface or medium, airbrush must be the primary method used to create the piece.

7. Contestants are encouraged to incorporate the theme of 'Peace' into their works, as submissions aligned with this theme will be awarded bonus points by the judges.

8. The judge’s decision is final and the winner will be notified via email.

9. If you encounter any problems, please contact


Meet The Judges